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Productivity and Purpose

Through "work-ordered-days," Seattle BrainWorks activities shape the members' life, increasing interactions with supportive peers and staff, helping the member with initiation and sequencing, improving daily productivity and giving members a new sense of purpose.

The Business Unit completes much of the administrative work of Seattle BrainWorks. Members have the opportunity to use computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Publisher as well as the Internet, e-mail and social networking sites. Members manage a snack bar and write a newsletter. We help members prepare for their return to work, school, or volunteer activities.

The Kitchen Unit prepares a healthy and nutritious meal for lunch. Members participate in menu planning, shopping, budgeting, and meal preparation.

The Wellness Program provides exercise classes, educational programs and speakers on a variety of topics of interest to people living with brain injuries.


Members must have brain injury and be able to:

  • Take care of personal needs or be accompanied by a caregiver
  • Take medication independently
  • Engage and actively participate in activities peacefully with others
  • Stay within program perimeters
  • Be able to participate with limited supervision
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal intoxicating drugs while at Seattle BrainWorks

To visit the program, please contact the Program Director, Nicole Fullerton at 206-457-4841 or by email at nicolef@provail.org.

For more information, call 206-466-5785 or visit the member created site www.seattlebrainworks.org.