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UCP Affiliation

More than 80 nonprofit organizations from around the world, dedicated to serving people with disabilities, make up the United Cerebral Palsy Affiliate Network. In the U.S., these organizations are leaders in providing innovative programs and services every day to more than 176,000 children and adults with disabilities around the country.

Led by UCP's national office in Washington, D.C., UCP Affiliates across the country provide a broad range of services such as housing, physical therapy, assistive technology training, early intervention services, individual and family support, social and recreational programs, community living, employment, employment assistance and advocacy.

PROVAIL's affiliation with the UCP Network allows PROVAIL to participate in the national advocacy that the national office brings to Washington, D.C. With this deep network, PROVAIL is able to learn from the advances and challenges of other communities and share the expertise we bring to other affiliates across the country.

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