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Mobility & Communications

hhh From playing soccer and riding his bike, to family adventures and spending time with friends, Luke is always on the go - and nothing slows him down. For Luke, a lot of the things his peers do will take him a little more to accomplish. But it’s never the question of can he do the things he wants – it’s how can we make it possible. At PROVAIL, we see a world where all people live life based on their own choices, and for kids like Luke it’s the access to technology, supportive therapies, inclusive activities, and innovative ways of thinking that support him to fulfill those choices.


hhh Caleb has been coming to PROVAIL for speech therapy since he was seven-years-old. He started with low-tech communication devices and worked his way to more high-tech devices, like the iPad and Dynavox. He watches videos, listens to music, and communicates with all his friends via technology, such as Skype - just like any teenager. Caleb has a strong voice with assistive technology. It maximizes his independence and not just gives him the tools to communicate, but the confidence to pursue his life choices.

hhh Andrew struggles with his memory and verbal communication skills, but he doesn't let it stop him from doing the things he loves or conceal his fun-loving personality. Andrew, a recent high-school graduate, is preparing for the next journey in life, employment - and he'll be ready! Having worked with PROVAIL's speech therapy clinic since he was eight, Andrew has the communication tools he need to be successful in the next stages of his life. Andrew's goal is to work at SeaTac airport helping travelers navigate to their next destination, and there's no doubt he'll do just that.


hhh When asked to describe herself in one word, Almah replies, "Brilliant!" And that she is. Almah is also kind, patient, and someone who has worked hard for her accomplishments. For three years Almah prepared to leave the Transition Academy, where along with her scholastic work she focused on her post-graduate employment goals. Before Almah completed the Transition program, she already had 2 paid jobs in place - one at Trader Joe's and the other at MOD Pizza! With her bubbly personality and contagious positivity her was a perfect fit for both. Now with two community-based positions in place, she has the impressive resume and skills to celebrate and feel confident about the road ahead.



   hhh      Cameron is a perfect example of a dedicated employee.One of Cameron’s true passions lies in the world of transportation, specifically with the street signs which guide us through our day to day lives. With the support of PROVAIL, Cameron has obtained a position at the Seattle Department of Transportation, which he has excelled at. Cameron helps maintain the Bridges office and works directly with the signs cleaning off old dates, graffiti and dirt allowing for them to be used more efficiently. His work is admired and supported by an incredible team at SDOT.  If you take some time to notice the many signs we use every day, remember there is hard work and love put into them by our very own PROVAIL participant, Cameron! 

   hhh      In 2011 Simon and his mother moved to Washington State from the island of Saipan to pursue services and employment opportunities for Simon. Since moving to Seattle, Simon has been hired at Lil People's World, a child care center, where he reads books to children using his Dynavox communication device. Simon controls the mouse on his Dynavox through a camera that responds to the movement of his forehead. The kids love when Simon comes to read. They take turns assisting him by holding the books and flipping pages. Simon loves his job and is excited to show his family back home in Saipan that he can work!

Home & Lifestyle

Give thirteen-year old Forrest Neander his choice of paints and a blank canvas and he'll create a masterpiece! Forrest began painting with the PROVAIL Artistry Incorporated class in 2011 using acrylic paints. Recently, he's received two Awards of Merit from the Washington State PTA Reflections Program, first for his painting entitled "Fireworks" in 2012, and again in 2013 for his painting entitled "Racing". Forrest's piece "Fireworks" was selected as the November 2014 selection in the Shoreline School District calendar. His work has also been displayed at the annual Artistry Incorporated gallery shows, at two Northwest Special Artists shows in Edmonds, and at the Lyon's Den coffee shop in Bothell. Most recently his art was featured in an online magazine called "Courageous Creativity" in March 2014.


Martin Schuler, a member of Seattle Brainworks Clubhouse, was involved in a near fatal rollover car accident in August 2009. Walking away from a horrific car accident Martin had lived, but suffered a traumatic brain injury. Inspired by his Uncle who attempted to climb Mt. Rainier, Martin decided he could do it too. He has become an avid hiker and mountain climber having climbed some of the biggest peaks in the state. On April 18th, 2014 at 6:10 a.m., Martin hit the trail at Mt. St. Helens for the second time. They successfully summited Mt. St. Helen's at 4:13 p.m. where the breath taking view gave them a panorama of Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood and Martin's ultimate goal, the top of Mt. Rainier. Martin plans to climb Mt. Rainier the summer of 2015.