Why It Matters

Every one of us have the right to pursue the life we choose to live.

Now into the seventh decade of providing high quality services to the Puget Sound area, PROVAIL has taken a deep look into the services we provide and the impact we wish to have on the community. Our conclusion: We've done great work. And, we can do better.

We have deepened our belief that every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose to live and are focusing our attention on the areas of any person's life that we believe had the greatest impact on a person's ability to pursue their life choices. We have decided that it is time to set bold goals for ourselves, to spark thoughtful conversations with others, and expand the strong community of people and organizations that are working toward a truly inclusive Puget Sound community.

Get Involved

Access Services

There are many tools, services, programs, and peices of technology that people with disabilites can access to assit them in realizing their own life choices.

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Create a Job

Is your company Ability Aware? Do they hire people with disabilities? You can help PROVAIL share the benefits to for your company and launch a person's career in the process.

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Your time is valuable. To you - and to us. There are many ways you can contribute your time to support PROVAIL and children and adults with disabilities in our community.

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