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You can make a difference by donating the gift of time.

PROVAIL has volunteer opportunities to match almost any interest. Whether you want to help out at events, do administrative tasks, or work hands-on with our clients and participants, there are always ways that you can impact someone's life. We also offer internships to students for college credit.

If you have other interests or ideas on how you can help out, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact the PROVAIL Development Department at supportingchoices@provail.org or 206.826.1060

Current Volunteer Opportunities

PROVAIL Board & Committees

  • Board of Directors
  • Steptember Committee
  • Luncheon Committee
  • Golf Gala Committee
  • SBW Advisory Board

Working Directly with Clients

  • Art is NOT an Option
  • Community Living Program
  • Employment
  • AT & Therapy Clinic


  • Clerical Support
  • Pro-Bono Consulting

PROVAIL Board & Committees


PROVAIL seeks motivated, energetic, and committed individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our Board of Directors. If you believe that every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose to live – now is the time to join PROVAIL in tackling big goals to support people with disabilities to fulfill their life choices. Learn more.


PROVAIL's newest event, Steptember, is taking off fast! The first ever Steptember NW was held in September 2014 and it was a huge success. We had an outpour of support from the running and athletic communities. The Steptember Committee has been such an important part of this success. We are so thrilled to already be working toward Steptember NW 2015. Learn more about the Steptember Committee.


The PROVAIL Luncheon is more of a PROVAIL Family Reunion. This is the best time of the year for the PROVAIL Family to come together to see the amazing work being done by PROVAIL and the support of the community to ensure our success. We celebrate those who support our work and share our hopes for the coming year. The Luncheon Committee is a vital part of helping this event grow. Learn more about the Luncheon Committee.


The PROVAIL Golf Classic & Gala is hosted by the Pacific Northwest Insurance Council (PNWIC). The PNWIC and Gala Committee are instrumental to the success of PROVAIL's largest fundraising event. Having raised almost $2 million since its inception, this event is the highlight of the PROVAIL calendar. The 2015 Golf Classic & Gala is bound to be the best yet – as we're trying something new. Learn more about the Golf & Gala Committee.


The Seattle BrainWorks Advisory Board is specific to the Seattle BrainWorks Clubhouse. A combination of community member representatives and clubhouse members, the Advisory Board assists in setting the Clubhouse direction and puts on the annual SBW Soiree to raise vital funds for the program. Learn more about the SBW Advisory Board.

Working Directly with Clients

Note: Volunteer application and background check is required for any direct-client interactions.


The Art Program is almost entirely run by volunteers. From working directly with artist in painting, poetry, and dance classes to a range of internship opportunities – it is the volunteers that make this program possible. Learn more about volunteer opportunities with the Art Program.


Our Community Living Program houses over 60 adults in 19 community based residences in the Greater Seattle area. Volunteer opportunities range in location from Ballard to Shoreline to the Eastside.

We offer a variety of options to choose from:

Reader: Read aloud to a client - Come prepared with reading materials but also be open if a client already has something selected. This could be a learning experience, a social interaction, or simple enjoyment.

Conversation Partner: Interact socially with a client by having a conversation. This is an opportunity for a client to practice using a communication device or simply practice communicating with an outside member of the community. This will help develop social skills and help clients gain confidence in their interactions in the community.

Craft or Activity Partner: Participate in arts and crafts with a client or in any activity the client expresses interest in. This can be anything from painting, to scrapbooking to sculpture, and everything in between. The goal is to get the client engaged doing something creative that would bring them enjoyment.

Pet Companion: Bring your very friendly pet over to a client's house where the client can spend some time interacting with it. This activity would be a social interaction, a confidence builder, and would provide something a bit out of the ordinary. (Note: this is not pet therapy).

Home Care Maintenance: Provide regular yard and home maintenance, interior or exterior. This would help keep the client's living environment pleasant year round and improve their quality of life. This opportunity is good for individuals as well as small or large groups. Adopt a house!

Gardening Companion: Help to create or maintain a garden with a client. You should enjoy gardening and have some knowledge that you can contribute to make the garden a success. The goal is to assist clients who are interested in gardening and create enjoyable creative spaces that they can feel proud of.


Do you have a knack for working with computers and various software programs? PROVAIL's Assistive Technology and Therapeutic Clinic needs volunteers who like to be challenged and enjoy bringing people with a wide range of disabilities closer to their dreams of living a full and dignified life.

The clinic works with individuals from childhood through all ages of adulthood using adaptive and assistive technology such as computer software programs, adaptive equipment, including telephones, computers and speech generating devices.

Volunteers may spend time accessing websites for switch-accessible software for literacy and other educational purposes, creating new songs in Switch Ensemble, web research for clinic and client products, computer workstation maintenance, scheduling and assisting clients in our computer groups, work independently on a windows-based computer and a variety of other computer skills.

Volunteer commitment is flexible, from 1-2 hours per week for up to 12 weeks or more, Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

Augmentative Communication and Speech Therapy

These volunteer opportunities are available for individuals with backgrounds in psychology or education.

The volunteer will be under direct supervision of a Speech Language Pathologist and will implement what is directed as part of the overall client treatment goal.

Current opportunities are:

  • Programming and development of a communication notebook and a Dynamyte for an adult male with cerebral palsy
  • Page review and reprogramming of a Dynamyte for an adult female with cerebral palsy
  • Therapy material development and clinic device development for Speech Therapy to be used with children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities for therapy and evaluation
  • Programming and development of a Chat PC for a 11 year old boy with speech apraxia
  • Therapy material goal bank development for increasing skills with augmentative communication device users
  • Developing training materials for staff who work in community living programs to improve device implementation
  • Creating videotapes of current adaptive telephone and communication device users
  • Creating communication profiles for nonverbal or dysarthic clients for their community living program
  • Creating back up communication book for an elderly male client with cerebral palsy and recent CVA
  • Creating one page handouts for clients on available devices and clinical process for obtaining communication devices.
  • Cataloging CD ROMS according to skill area and language/cognitive level
  • Assisting in social communication group therapy with adults with developmental disabilities

Please view the Internships page for further opportunities.



PROVAIL can always use a hand with general administrative duties. Volunteer roles include activities in Employment Services, Accounting, Reception, Human Resources, Development, and other program administration departments.

Projects could include:

  • Customer Service/ Front Desk
  • Filing/ Scanning
  • Organizing
  • Data Entry
  • Research
  • Bulk Mailing Preparation
  • Other projects as needed

Volunteer shifts occur during business hours between 8:30am and 5:00 pm. 2 to 4.5 hour shifts are preferred. This is a weekly three to six month commitment (minimum).

  • Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
  • Punctuality and reliability
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to organize and work independently
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexibility and ability to think creatively


PROVAIL has many projects just waiting to be tackled by smart, dedicated volunteers looking to use their professional skills to give back to the community. If your company would like to join PROVAIL in our belief that every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose to live - contact supportingchoices@provail.org about our current pro bono project needs.