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Certifications & Quality Control


Quality Management System AS9100 and ISO9001:2008

Quality Control Requirements

QCR 1 Inspection Systems * – The supplier/processor will, at a minimum, implement and maintain a documented inspection system. This system is subject to review by PROVAIL Quality Assurance.

QCR 2 Quality Management Systems * – The supplier/processor will, at a minimum, implement and maintain a documented quality management system that meets the requirements of AS9100, latest revision. This system is subject to review by PROVAIL Quality Assurance.

QCR 3 Certification * – A certificate of conformance must accompany each shipment. The certificate must state that the material supplied meets the applicable specifications and must specify the revision level for the material specification. PROVAIL Purchase Order number shall be noted in certification. PROVAIL supplied material will be maintained by PROVAIL and is not subject to this clause.

QCR 4 Test Reports * – Chemical and physical analysis test reports shall be supplied with each shipment.

QCR 5 Shelf Life * – The manufacturing and applicable expiration date must be noted on each individual container and/or certification as applicable.

QCR 6 First Article * – First article inspection is required. First article shall comply with AS9102 requirements.

QCR 7 Statistical Process Control *– Statistical process control is required and shall be implemented on this order as defined by Quality Assurance. The supplier/processor shall contact PROVAIL buyer prior to manufacturing to arrange a meeting to define the required characteristics affected.

QCR 8 In‐Process Inspection * – In‐Process inspection is required by PROVAIL. When this is required, the specific inspection point(s) in the process will be specified on the Purchase Order. The supplier/processor shall contact PROVAIL and hold the material for in‐process inspection by PROVAIL Quality Assurance.

QCR 9 Parts Identification * – In addition to drawings/specification requirements, all products must be identified with the part number. The manner and location of this identification shall be agreed upon with PROVAIL Purchasing.

QCR 10 Protection Against Contamination or Damage * – On all parts, the surface must have a protective sleeve or equivalent protection. The parts must be boxed, banded or shipped in a manner that will ensure no damage will occur.

QCR 11 Right of Entry * – PROVAIl, its customers and regulatory authorities shall have the right of access to all facilities and review processes, subcontractors, contracted parts, procedures and records related to this order.

QCR 12 Subcontracting Without Written Approval * – Subcontracting all or substantially all of the order without written consent of PROVAIL Quality Assurance and Purchasing is prohibited.

QCR 13 PROVAIL Supplied Drawings * – All engineering drawings provided by PROVAIL are PROVAIL property and must be returned with the order.

QCR 14 NADCAP Approval * – Heat Treat Only: certifications must include evidence of NADCAP approval for heat treating. Finish house only: certifications must include evidence of NADCAP approval for chemical processing.

QCR 15 Quality Records * – The supplier/processor shall maintain: record identification, evidence of changes, preservation, availability, accessibility and protection from access by unauthorized persons. Supplier/processor shall retain quality records for a minimum of (10) years from shipment of last part and dispose of proprietary and sensitive records in a manner that protects them.

QCR 16 Less than AS9100 Supplier/Processor – The supplier/processors who manufacture product complete or provide a service and do not maintain a quality system in compliance with AS9100 latest revision must maintain documented procedures that address the following:

  • (1) Identification and Traceability
  • (2) Control of non‐conforming Material
  • (3) Process Control
  • (4) Measurement and Monitoring of Product
  • (5) Purchasing
  • (6) Supplier/Processor Qualification and Approval
  • (7) Contract Review
  • (8) Verification of Purchased Product
  • (9) Control of Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment.
  • (10) Preservation of Product
  • (11) Training
  • (12) Control of Quality Records

This system is subject to review by PROVAIL Quality Assurance.

QCR 17 Revision Control * – Unless otherwise specified, latest revision applies on all listed specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection/verification instructions and other relevant technical data.

QCR 18 Supplier/Processor Non‐Conforming Product/Process Notification * – Supplier/Processor must notify PROVAIL of non‐conforming product, to include notification of any non‐conforming product that may have been shipped. Arrangements must be made to allow for PROVAIL to disposition of all non‐conforming products.

QCR 19 Supplier/Processor Request for Deviation On Product/Process *– Supplier/Processor agrees not to make any change in materials, services or, parts or design details which would affect products or parts or any components thereof with regard to:

  • (a) Part Number Identification
  • (b) Physical or Functional interchangeability
  • (c) Repair and overhaul procedures, processes and material changes which affect these procedures without prior written approval from PROVAIL.

Written authorization must be obtained from PROVAIL prior to any deviations with regards to internal process changes and any requirements stated on the Purchase Order, drawing, specification or other requirements that are known but not stated.

QCR 20 Flow Down Requirements * – Supplier/Processor shall flow down all applicable documents and requirements to their sub‐tier supplier/processors. The supplier/processor shall inspect or otherwise verify that all materials and/or parts thereof, including those procured or furnished by subcontractors, comply with the requirements of PROVAIL Purchase Order prior to shipment to PROVAIL.

QCR 21 ITAR Requirements * – IMPORTANT/CONFIDENTIAL: This Purchase Order (and any drawings and/or attachments accompanying it) may contain confidential information, including information protected by the United States Government. The information is intended only for the use of the intended recipient(s). Delivery of this Purchase Order to anyone other than the intended recipient(s) is not intended to waive any privilege or otherwise detract from the confidentiality of the Purchase Order. If you are not the intended recipient, or if this Purchase Order has been addressed to you in error, do not read, disclose, reproduce distribute, disseminate or otherwise use this information. Rather, please promptly notify the sender by phone or e‐mail and then destroy all copies of the Purchase Order and its attachments, if any.

* = Aerospace Requirements