Together as community, we are ensuring that children and adults with disabilities can pursue their life choices.

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For Luke, a lot of the things his peers do will take him a little more to accomplish. But it's never the question of can Luke do the things he wants – it's how can we make it possible. At PROVAIL, we see a world where all people live life based on their own choices, and for kids like Luke it's the access to technology, supportive therapies, inclusive activities, and innovative ways of thinking that support him to fulfill those choices.

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There is a wide, comprehensive range of services we provide to support people with disabilities in all major areas of life so they can live, work, play and fully participate in the community of their choice.

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Create a Job

Need someone to help with cleaning, filing, or data entry? We know who can do that! Become an AbilityAware Employer today by showing your commitment to hiring people with disabilities and building an inclusive workplace.

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We like to think of the amazing people dedicated to supporting people with disabilities a part of the PROVAIL family. Join the family and have an impact in your community.

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Disability Etiquette

Have you ever questioned whether or not you should open the door for someone ahead of you who is in a wheelchair? Or have felt uncomfortable sitting next to someone with an apparent physical disability? Disability Etiquette is unknown to many, but is simple as: people with disabilities are entitled to the same courtesies you would extend to anyone.

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Art is not an Option

ARTISTRY Incorporated promotes creativity, independence, dignity, and community integration for all participating artists with disabilities. As a volunteer ran program, we can always use the support to create an inclusive community of artists.

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Why It Matters

Our belief is that every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose to live and are focusing our attention to the areas of a person's life that we believe have the greatest impact on a person's ability-and future ability-to pursue their life choices.

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