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PROVAIL relies on the generous contributions of our community. There are so many ways to give. We invite you to partner with us in the best way for you. Join us in supporting children and adults with disabilities to fulfill their life choices.

PROVAIL Federal Tax ID# 91-0593488

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Make a Gift Today

Thank you for joining the PROVAIL Family by considering a gift to support PROVAIL's work. As a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, gifts to PROVAIL are tax-deductible. Tax ID # 91-0593488

Regular gifts to PROVAIL can be made by check, cash, or credit card. You may:

MONTHLY GIVING: Every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose to live.

Join the PROVAIL Family Champions, special group of people who join us in this belief by donating to PROVAIL on a monthly basis. As a member of the PROVAIL Family Champions you are creating sustainable support for a year-round impact!

Monthly donations or recurring gifts can be made by mail with a personal check or online by credit card by selecting "I would like to make a recurring donation" and the frequency. We recommend setting a monthly donation to process automatically from your credit or debit card. This automatic donation will keep your generosity in motion without taking your valuable time each month. Please contact us with any questions at 206.826.1060 or if you would like to start your recurring gift with our assistance by phone.


Your membership is a voluntary agreement and you can change, suspend, or cancel your membership at any time. Simply contact the PROVAIL Development Department at supportingchoices@provail.org or 206.826.1060 to change or stop your monthly pledge.

GIFT MATCHING – Double your impact!

Many companies match the donations made by their employees. You can double the impact of your gift by requesting your gift be matched by your company. Please send gift matching request forms to supportingchoices@provail.org. Online forms may be completed with the following information:

12550 Aurora Avenue N.
Seattle, WA 98133

Tax ID #: 91-0593488
Email: supportingchoice@provail.org
Phone: 206.826.1060

PROVAIL's Mission Statement: Supporting people with disabilities to fulfill their life choices.

If companies donate via EFT, please contact us for information.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like assistance in completing your matching forms or are unsure if your company matches.


Honor someone you love by giving to PROVAIL in their name. Tribute gifts are a perfect way to acknowledge a birthday, Bar or Bat Mizvah, wedding, anniversary, or the holidays. If you provide their name and address, PROVAIL will gladly send a card to your honoree letting them know of your gift.

Marking a memorial gift is a special way to honor the passing of a loved one. One-time memorial gifts can be made via check or online by indicating who the gift is made in memory of. If you provide an address for the family, PROVAIL will send a card letting them know that a gift has been made in memory of their loved one. To arrange a Memorial Gift Fund (often made in lieu of flowers), please contact the PROVAIL Director of Development at 206.826.1075 to arrange the details.


Your gift of stock will make a great impact for children and adults with disabilities and it can offer two ways to save on your taxes. As long as you have owned the stock for more than one year, you can generally receive an income tax charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stock at the time of the gift (up to 30% of your adjusted gross income), and you avoid paying any capital gains tax on the increase. Giving securities frees up cash and can help diversify investments.

When you itemize your tax deductions, charitable gifts may be used to eliminate federal income tax on up to half of your adjusted gross income. The higher your tax rate, the more your gifts will save you. Any unused deductions may be carried over in as many as five future years.


Please contact PROVAIL's Development Department before making a transfer. It is essential to process your gift correctly. Please call at 206.826.1060 or email the following information to supportingchoices@provail.org

  • Your Name
  • Name of stock and approximate number of shares
  • Estimated date of transfer
  • Your broker's names, company, email, and telephone number

Planned Giving

PROVAIL Legacy Circle

The PROVAIL Legacy Circle is a special group that honors and recognizes donors who have included PROVAIL in their estate plans. All planned gifts are welcome and important to PROVAIL, there is no minimum to be a member. For more information about planned giving, please contact the PROVAIL Director of Development, Jessica Michels at jessicam@provail.org or 206.826.1075.


A bequest is the easiest and most meaningful way to provide for the future of PROVAIL. A bequest is a gift made through your estate, either directed by your will or through a trust distribution. A bequest may specify a dollar amount, a particular asset, or a percentage of your estate.

We would be happy to provide sample bequest language that you and your estate planner can use to include PROVAIL in your plans. This information is free and in no way obligates you to make a bequest to PROVAIL.


A beneficiary designation is a simple way to include PROVAIL in your planned giving. You can name PROVAIL as a beneficiary of many different assets:

  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  • 401(k), 403(b), or other Qualified Retirement Plan
  • Commercial Annuity Contract
  • Bank Account or Brokerage Account
  • Life Insurance Policy


A charitable remainder trust pays you and/or your loved ones income for life or a specified number of years. Payments can be a fixed amount (annuity trust) providing you the security of the same payment each time; or payments can be based on a stipulated percentage of trust assets (unitrust), providing you with possibility that payments may increase. When the trust terminates, the remaining balance is gifted to PROVAIL. You will receive an income-tax deduction for the present value of the projected remainder of the trust that will go to PROVAIL, and you avoid capital gains taxes when appreciated assets are transferred to the trust.

Another option, a charitable lead trust, is essentially the opposite of a charitable remainder trust. Instead of a beneficiary receiving payments, PROVAIL would receive the payments. When the trust terminates, the principal is then distributed among designated non-charity beneficiaries.

Make Your Daily Purchases Count

Many online retailers have an option to make your daily purchases count for a nonprofit organization of your choice. If you find another site that has this option, please let us know at supportingchoice@provail.org so we can start an account and help you make your purchases support a great cause!


Did you know that your online Amazon purchases can support PROVAIL? Set the link below as your preferred way to purchase from Amazon and a portion of the purchases you make will be donated back to PROVAIL by Amazon. Increase your impact every time you shop!