Together as a community, we are ensuring that children and adults with disabilities can pursue their life choices.

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Building an Inclusive Community

A job can open a whole new world of possibilities. Going to work every day to be around people that miss you when you're gone, expect you to come in on time, celebrate milestones, and form relationships with you - sets new expectations. The independence, dignity, and self-respect you gain is immeasurable. Now is the time, as a community, to challenge ourselves. Are we creating workplaces that include everyone? Are we complete?

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Access Services

There is a wide, comprehensive range of services we provide to support people with disabilities in all major areas of life so they can live, work, play and fully participate in the community of their choice.

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Create a Job

Need someone to help with cleaning, filing, or data entry? We know who can do that! Become an AbilityAware Employer today by showing your commitment to hiring people with disabilities and building an inclusive workplace.

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Your time is valuable. To you - and to us. There are many ways you can contribute your time to support PROVAIL and children and adults with disabilities in our community. Join the PROVAIL Family!

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Disability Etiquette

Many people find themselves uncomfortable when interacting for the first time with a person with a disability. PROVAIL believes in a strong, inclusive community that can look past these differences. Knowing a little disability etiquette is a good way to make yourself more comfortable and know you're on the right track.

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Get Creative with
Artistry Incorporated

Artistry Incorporated encourages an inclusive community of artists to expand their self-expression through art, poetry, and dance. If access to self-expression is your thing – your talents and passions are always needed! No art experience is required to volunteer, we just hope you love getting creative and messy!

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Why It Matters

Our belief is that every one of us has the right to pursue the life we choose to live. We are focusing our attention to the areas of a person's life that we believe have the greatest impact on a person's ability-and future ability-to pursue their life choices.

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